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How it works and what it does

Twitter limits each user to to a certain number of API-calls per 15 minutes window, starting with the first API call.

So after you logged in MyTwitterFlock makes up to 15 API Calls to retrieve up to 200 of your followers per call and up to 15 API Calls to retrieve up to 200 of your friends per call. If you have less friends or followers it stops calling as soon as all your friends and followers are retrieved. If you do have more friends or followers then currently we can just analyse the last 3000 of each - but we are already working on a solution to somehow overcome these limits without breaking the Twitter-rules. The retrieved frieds and followers will be remembered by MyTwitterFlock for the lifetime of the session, unless you decide to 'reset' which will start a new session. Therefore there will be no change during a session and all tweets, follows and unfollows that happen after the start of the session will not be reflected before a new session is started.


Just log in with twitter, and MyTwitterFlock retrieves up to 3000 friends and up to 3000 followers and you can filter your flock, and sort the results.

All Links open up in a new window, so you don't have to reload your Flock, possibly running out of available API calls.

If you hover over the image of your fellow twitterer a callout window will show up, giving you more additional information, like Location, Homepage URL, Number of Followers and Description. - We're working on more, so stay tuned.

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Why MyTwitterFlock?

Often you get followed by people just starting off with Twitter. And you don't follow them back, maybe because their incomplete profile and the missing tweets don't give you any reason to follow them...

So you gather quite a number of twitterers who are following you, but you are not following back. With MyTwitterFlock you can review these followers easily, sorted by the recency of their last tweet. Easily going to their profile, following them if you decide to.

On the other hand you're initially limited to following 2000 twitterers. Once you come close to that limit you might want to reevaluate the ones you're following (Your "Friends"), and unfollow those who haven't tweeted in 'ages'... - especially if they're not even following back (anymore).

Thanks and Happy Tweeting
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